29 Jul

I have never thought about study abroad in US because of as the reasons which are advices from other agents, such as: I am young lady, single woman and much more difficult is I was petitioned.

But, GECSA gave me a HOPE… The quality which makes GECSA different from other consultants is his personal attention to the candidate. Right from application process to visa interview – GECSA’s  work was just amazing or rather I would say flawless.

Thanks GECSA- made my DREAM come true!

Nie Phi Loan, National University, Fall 2013

29 Jul

When I think of the US student visa there are butterflies in stomach. There is a perception that students can’t get visa easily to go to the United States.

GECSA prepares to clear the worst of the interviews that are ever possible… And, I got my VISA at the first interview session.

GECSA also gave me the best advice for choosing the Dual Program in Seattle Community College that fix with my situation at that time.

I am very happy with my decision

Dan Thanh, Fall 2012, Seattle Community College Central

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to chuc su kien, to chuc su kien

Dự n chung cư Tn Hong Minh d le roi soleil quang an Ty Hồ, H Nội. Dự n chung cu 23 le duan Q1, TP. HCM, chủ đầu tư Tn Hong Minh. Cng ty cho thue san khau tổ chức sự kiện uy tn tại H Nội. Dịch vụ cho thue o du gi rẻ nhất. Cng ty cho thue backdrop uy tn tại H Nội - nhiều mẫu m đẹp. Dịch vụ chua tac tia sua tại nh, cam kết hiệu quả 100%. Xưởng sản xuất may ep cam vien chăn nui, my p cm vin mini cho thỏ, g, vịt, chim bồ cu. Kho xưởng sản xuất long cong nghiep gi rẻ tại h nội, lồng chim bồ cu, lồng thỏ, lồng g Dịch vụ thue chu re đẹp trai, cao ro, cam kết bảo mật thng tin. Cng ty cung cấp, cho thue nguoi dai dien cưới hỏi ton quốc.