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Internships for International Students, 2015-2016

International Internships attract the students most all round the world. These are the perfect way out to make the best use of our time. These provide an opportunity to earn while learning. Foreign countries are the dream destinations for various students. Internships for International Students provide a platform to acquire practical knowledge of an area in a short span of time and to have experience of a different cultures and different countries. Internships are of both types paid and unpaid.

Foreign internships are available for all study levels’ students undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate and even simply for the students who earn work experience for any level.

Explore the list below to get familiar with the recent international internships available.


2015 Google Business Associate Internship Throughout EMEA

Applications are invited for Google Business Associate Internship programme for international students. Students who have currently enrolled in a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree program are eligible to apply for this internship programme. This is a paid internship programme. The interns will spend 10 weeks and up to 6 months at Google. Internship application deadline is March 30, 2015.


2015 Accord International Internships For Graduates & Postgraduates In South Africa

Applications are invited for internships at ACCORD for international students. ACCORD offers internships to graduates and post-graduates. A degree in a social science related to conflict management, conflict resolution, peace studies or international relations is preferable. Internships at ACCORD are typically unpaid and voluntary positions. However, to encourage and promote the development of African scholars and African expertise, some funding is available to support selected interns. The funding is limited and only African nationals may be eligible to receive a modest living stipend to support them during their Internship. Internship application deadline is 28th November 2015.


2015 The World Bank Internship Programme In USA

Applications are invited for the World Bank Internship programme which provides graduate students practical experience in global development. This Internship typically seeks candidates in the following fields: economics, finance, human development (public health, education, nutrition, and population), social science (anthropology, sociology), agriculture, environment, private sector development as well as other related fields. This is a paid internship. The only variation in salary among interns is that U.S. nationals are paid a gross salary for tax reasons and foreign nationals are paid a net salary. Interns are responsible for their housing and subsistence from their salaries. Internship application deadline is January 31 2015.


2015 LLOYDS Banking Group Graduate Audit Internship In UK

Lloyds Banking Group is offering audit internship for the year 2015. Applicants must have 300 UCAS points Degree requirement: minimum of a 2:1 undergraduate degree. This is a paid internship programme. Interns will get £18,000. Internship will start in late June 2015.


2015 Google Legal Internship In Poland, Spain, Italy and Israel

Google is offering legal Internship programme for the year 2015. Applicants must have law degree or equivalent practical experience. As a Legal Intern and part of the Google legal regional team, applicants will play an important part in helping to respond to some of the toughest legal challenges of the information age. Interns will conduct legal research on a variety of legal topics including: intellectual property, consumer regulations, media regulations, advertising law, data protection, etc.  The internship application deadline is December 30, 2015.


International Undergraduate Summer School Internship Programme 2015

The John Innes Centre, The Sainsbury Laboratory and The Genome Analysis Centre offer undergraduate summer school internship programme for international students in UK. The programme will assist the participating students by way of providing them with a bursary at the rate of £200 per week and free accommodation, for a total period of 8 weeks.  The deadline for submission is midnight 19th Jan 2015.


2015 ICERM Undergraduate Summer Research Internship Program, USA

ICERM is inviting applications for summer research internship programme in USA for international students.  Interns will spend eight-weeks on the beautiful Brown University campus in historic Providence, RI, working in a small team setting to solve mathematical research problems developed by faculty experts in their fields. University will select 14-16 undergraduate scholars for the summer internship program. Accepted Brown University students will receive an UTRA stipend in lieu of the Summer-at-ICERM funding package. Internship application deadline is February 13, 2015.


2015 NIGINTERN Undergraduate Research Internship Program In Japan

National Institute of Genetics (NIG) / Department of Genetics, SOKENDAI is offering NIGINTERN Research Internship Program for 2015 academic year. International students are eligible to apply for this internship. NIG will cover costs of airfare, local transportation between airport and NIG, lodging in the institute’s guesthouse, and travel insurance during the program. Allowance for meals (ca. 1,500JPY/day, subject to change) will also be provided. Internship application deadline is January 23, 2015.


2015 CSHL Undergraduate International Research Internship Program In New York

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) offers research internship programme in new York. Students of any nationality are eligible for the program. A stipend of $5000 will be paid for the 10-week period. All room & board expenses will be covered. Travel costs are not reimbursed. For 10 weeks. Approximately 25 students come to CSHL each summer for the 10-week program, living and working in the exciting Laboratory environment.  The internship application deadline is January 15, 2015.


Google Software Developer PhD Internship for Summer Session In Canada, 2015

Google is offering Software Developer Internship for PhD students in summer session 2015. Applicants must be currently pursuing a PhD in Computer Science or related technical discipline. International students can apply for this internship. All hiring will be complete by April 2015. The internship application deadline is March 13, 2015.


2015 LPI Planetary Science Internship Program, USA

Lunar and Planetary Institute (LPI) is inviting applications for planetary science internship programme in USA for international students. Interns will receive a $5,660 stipend plus $1000 U.S. travel stipend, or $1,500 foreign travel reimbursement for foreign interns. The 10-week program runs from June 1, 2015–August 7, 2015. Internship application deadline is January 9, 2015.


2015 The University of Tokyo Summer Internship Program (UTSIP) In Japan

The University of Tokyo is offering Summer Internship Program (UTSIP) for 2015 academic year. UTSIP provides a hands-on research internship program in the fields of Information Technology, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Studies, International Studies, Materials Sciences, Sustainability Sciences, and among others. International students are eligible to apply for these internships. UTSIP provides a UTSIP scholarship to a participant that includes Scholarship for living expenses (JPY 110,000). Partial subsidy for applicant’s air flight (up to JPY 50,000). The internship application deadline is February 10, 2015.


2015 Google Software Engineering University Graduate Internship In USA

Google is offering Software Engineer, University Graduate internship programme for 2015 academic year. Minimum qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related technical field and Master’s degree in Computer Science or related technical field. International Students can apply for these internships.


2015 INTERPOL Internship For Member Countries’ Students In France

INTERPOL internships are offered for international students from any of its member countries.  Interns are entitled to receive a monthly allowance of 550 euros (amount set for internships based in Lyon). The allowance will be adjusted to the different duty station according to the UN cost of living index. The length of an internship may vary from a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 11 months. Internship application deadline is 31-December-2014.


2015 Undergraduate Clinical Research Internship Program at Vanderbilt University, USA

Vanderbilt University is offering Undergraduate Clinical Research Internship Program for 2015 academic year. It gives college students the opportunity to participate in both research and clinical patient care at an academic medical center.  International students can apply for this internship programme. The program provides each student housing on-campus for the summer, and participants will receive a stipend of $1,500. The internship application deadline is February 1, 2015.


2015 Microsoft Asia-Pacific Research Internship in China

Microsoft is inviting applications for research internship in China for international students. Microsoft provides a competitive package that includes a monthly subsidy, meal allowance, and housing allowance for three months. The Microsoft Research Asia Internship program is open year-round.


2015 49ership International Internship Program In USA

University of North Carolina at Charlotte offers 49ership International internship programme in USA for the year 2015. It is a career related academic internship where students work one (or more) semester(s) to gain professional experience. International students can apply for this internship programme. 49erships may be paid or unpaid both. Students work a minimum of 80 hours and 5 weeks per semester to complete the program. The internship application deadlines is : August 5, 2015.


2015 VISRA Undergraduate Summer Research Internship Programme In USA

Vanderbilt University is offering undergraduate summer research internship programme in USA for international students. Participants in the Vanderbilt International Summer Research Academy conduct a research project under the supervision of a Vanderbilt faculty scientist. Vanderbilt University will pay for Summer Research Academy participants.  The 2015 program will run from June 8 until August 1, 2015. Internship application deadline is January 15, 2015.


2015 Summer Undergraduate Research Internship Program (SURP) In USA

Applications are invited for summer undergraduate research internship programme in USA for the year 2015. This program is open to all U.S. and international students who are currently attending a U.S. college or university only. This internship is for a student who wants to make career in biomedical sciences (PhD, MD or MD-PhD) and also to conduct research. Trainees will receive a stipend of $3,500, round trip travel expenses to New York City and accommodations in University Housing. The internship application deadline is 2-Jan-2015.


2015 Bloomberg Analytics & Sales Summer Internship In London

Bloomberg Careers is inviting applications for analytics and sales summer internship in London for international students. Internship commences 29th June 2015 for 10 weeks. Master’s degree is preferred however the internship is open to applications from those with equivalent work experience. Deadline for application is 16th January 2015.


Fermilab Internships for Foreign Students in Physics Majors, USA 2015

Fermi National  Accelerator Laboratory of US department of energy offers internships in the field of Physics for foreign students from US or non US Universities and Colleges. Students must be a undergraduate in Physics majors and must provide evidence of identity and eligibility to work in US. It is a paid internship and there is a Wage of $12.50 per hour for a standard 40-hour work week, subject to U.S. taxes. The internship application deadline is February 8, 2015.


2015 Google Summer Trainee Engineering Internship Program In Europe

Google is offering summer trainee engineering internship programme in Europe for International students who are currently enrolled at a university within Europe, Israel or Africa. This is a 12 weeks internship programme. Internships are offered in the field of software engineering.


 2015 IIASA Young Scientists Summer Internship Program In Austria

IIASA is offering young scientists summer internship programme in Austria for international students. The internship is provided in the field of research.  Applicants are an advanced graduate student (about 2 years prior to receiving a PhD). The duration of internship programme is 3 months. Internship application deadline is 12 January 2015.


Dickey International Internships, 2015

The Dickey Center provides funding opportunities for students to broaden their international perspectives and their understanding of different cultures by carrying out leave-term projects. Applicants must be undergraduates returning to campus for at least one term after completing the internship. Returning interns agree to participate as requested in workshops or informational sessions relating to internships in general. The internship is minimum of 8 weeks and students do not have to pay any amount.



2015 Purdue GoBoiler International Internship In Computer Science, USA

Purdue is offering internship in the field of Computer Science for domestic and international students in USA.  Purdue will cover up to $2000 in eligible travel costs and provide a stipend of $3500 to help defray the cost of housing and living expenses. The duration of the internship is expected to be eight weeks between the end of May and early August. The deadline for applications is February 10th, 2015.


2015 NCTU Taiwan Elite Research Internship Programme

National Chiao Tung University is inviting applications for research internship programme for international students in Taiwan. Students will be conducting research on either a small independent project or assisting an ongoing project in the host laboratories. NCTU would offer a free round-trip economy class flight ticket from their home country to Taiwan and additional NTD 5,000 scholarship (including 6% tax) for the first month in NCTU for admitted students for 2 months. The application deadlines for the first, second and the third round are 1st Dec., 2014, 16th March, 2015, 8th June, 2015 respectively.


2015 OIST Research Internship Program In Japan

Applications are invited for Research Internship program at Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology in Japan.   The OIST Graduate School offers education and research opportunities through a system of undergraduate and graduate placements as Research Interns. International students can apply for this internship program.  The tenure of Research Intern placements is always between 2 and 6 months, typically 10 to 12 weeks. Tenure will not normally be extended.  The last dates to apply for the research periods of January-March, April-June, July-September and Oct – Dec are September 15, November 15, February 28 and May 31 respectively.


2015 Summer Research Program At National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan

National Tsing Hua University College of Engineering is inviting applications for summer research internship programme in Taiwan. Overseas students can apply for this research program. Interns will gain research experience under the guidance of a faculty advisor from College of Engineering. GEL scholarship includes subsidized round trip airline tickets up to NTD 15,000 and free accommodation at university residence hall for two months. The application deadline for Summer Research Program will be December 29.


2015 Microsoft Research India Lab International Internship In India

Applications are invited for Microsoft research India lab internship programme for international students in India. Internships in Microsoft Research India are either research internships or software-development internships.  Microsoft pays interns a competitive salary for 12 weeks. Applications are accepted for internships year-round, but applications for summer internships are generally reviewed in January applicants should submit their application in December.


2015 Asian Development Bank Graduate Internship Program

Applications are invited for Internship Program for graduates to work in a major international development organizations. Stipend is provided to all interns according to the location of internships up to 56 calendar days. Internship candidates have to be nationals of ADB members. The duration should be a minimum of eight (8) weeks (56 days) and a maximum of 26 weeks or six (6) months for one internship assignment. Applicants must be enrolled in a Master’s- or PhD-level program at a school in one of the ADB member nations, both prior to and after the internship assignment. Application period for the 2015 Internship Program: 1st batch: 24 October – 19 November, 2nd batch:  16 January – 11 February, 3rd batch: 13 March – 8 April.


2015 The American Red Cross Internship For Undergraduates & Graduates In USA

American Red Cross is offering internship programme for undergraduate and graduate students in USA. The Red Cross offers both paid and non-paid summer internships. The paid intern salaries range from $10/hour – $20/hour depending on experience, major and educational level. The program offers approximately 85 internship positions in almost every Red Cross line of business. The internship application deadline for summer 2015 is February 27, 2015 (June 8 through August 14, 2015).


2015 Google Operations Engineering Internship Programme In USA

Google is offering Operations Engineering Internship for international students for 2015 academic year. Applicants must be pursuing a BA/BS degree in an engineering discipline to be completed between December 2015 and December 2017 at a university in the United States or Canada. Applicants must have Experience working in a technical component based system requiring an understanding of multiple parts and the impact on the whole. Internship application deadline is January 5, 2015.


Museum Studies Internships At Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts In UK 2015

University of East Anglia, Art History and World Art Studies with the SCVA is offering MA Museum Studies Internships. The internship is open for Home/EU/International students. Each Intern undertakes a programme of workplace-based training as part of a team at the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts(SCVA). This is a paid internship. The internships provide students with £10,000 towards fees and expenses. The internship application deadline is 1st March 2015.


2015 SADACC MA Museum Studies Internship Programme At University of East Anglia, UK

Applications are invited for 1 x SADACC MA Museum Studies Internship programme.  These internships are offered by the Sainsbury Institute for Art in partnership with the South Asian Decorative Art Crafts Collection (SADACC). Home/EU/International students are eligible to apply for these Internships. Interest in South Asian arts and crafts is desirable but not essential. Internship application deadline is 1 March 2015.


CNN Internships For International Graduate Students In UK
Applications are invited for CNN internships for recent broadcast journalism graduates or graduates from a related field seeking a career in journalism. Internships are offered at central London bureau. This is seven, three-month internships spanning from newsgathering to special feature programmes and sports. All internships are three months in duration and paid. CNN Sports (TV only) and Sports (Digital) internships are four months in duration. International applicants will be required to provide proper visa paperwork prior to arrival if accepted to the program.


2015 International Chamber of Commerce Arbitration Internships in Paris
ICC (International Chamber of Commerce) is offering Arbitration Internships for international students in Paris. A student with a strong background in international commercial arbitration law and a first experience in arbitration preferred and those who speak English fluently. National from outside the European Union or Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Andorra, Monaco, or Switzerland should get an appropriate visa from a French consulate.


2015 Google Summer Software Engineering PhD Internship Programme In USA
Google is offering internship for international students in the field of software engineering in USA. Applicants must be currently pursuing a PhD in Computer Science or related technical discipline. Applicants must be currently enrolled in a full time degree program and returning to the program after the completion of the internship. This is a paid internship programme. Internship application deadline is March 13, 2015.


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