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Admiral Farragut Academy

Why Choose Us?

Discover what makes Admiral Farragut Academy the premiere private and college prep day and boarding school in Florida.

Day students: grades PreK3 - 12
Boarding students: grades 8 - 12 from an average of 27 countries and 16 U.S. states

One-of-a-kind Courses & Campus Life

In addition to the traditional PreK-12 curriculum, Farragut students have the opportunity to:


  •     Earn a Private Pilot License in Aviation courses
  •     Dive deep into Marine Science during Scuba and Oceanography classes
  •     Make robots come to life in Engineering classes and clubs
  •     Leadership skills are earned in high school through our military NJROTC program

Boarding and day students can:


  •     Join one of our 21 athletic teams that welcome all levels of ability
  •     Head to the waterfront to sail, kayak, cast net, or fish
  •     Venture out for a weekend camping or diving trips to a Florida spring or visit Florida theme and water parks (Disney World, Universal Studios, Busch Gardens, Sea World, etc)
  •     Relax on campus for big screen movie and game nights


College Preparation

“College placement counselors tell me our kids interview well. Our students are poised, articulate, and demonstrate public speaking skills that most adults would envy.” -- Headmaster, CAPT Robert J. Fine, Jr.

  •     Through dorm life and our college-like campus students learn to manage time and personal space, and to live harmoniously with others.
  •     Students note that living with peers pushes them to work harder than they would in another setting.
  •     The high school NJROTC program provides the tools to become organized, accountable, self-disciplined, and respectful to self and others. Leadership positions and naval science training make our students' college applications stand out.

Memorable Mentors

With so many students, faculty and staff living on campus, we truly are a family. Our faculty and staff coach sports, join students at the breakfast and dinner table, help with tough assignments during nightly study hall, and truly care, as parents do.

Lifelong Friendships

A multicultural, multilingual student body means everyone--students and faculty alike--get the benefit of learning new languages, foods, and cultures. Boarding students often go home with day students for the weekend, and day students are often invited to visit homes, states, and countries of their classmates over the summer.


The "Farragut Experience"

The combination of invaluable academic and life lessons learned at Farragut create what our alumni call “The Farragut Experience.” Farragut has always prepared graduates to be critical thinkers, ready to conceive of technology that has yet to be invented and succeed in careers that do not currently exist. To that end, Farragut has graduated two of the twelve moon-walking astronauts, Alan Shepard, Class of '41, and Charlie Duke, Class of '53. Charlie is famous for saying that the word astronaut didn't exist when he started at Farragut, but the education here prepared him for anything!

Beautiful Weather

Located on the Gulf Coast in St. Petersburg, Florida we enjoy incredible tropical weather with an average temperature of 74°F (23°C) and 361 days of sunshine a year. Our students sail, fish, kayak, and go to the beach all year long!

Summer Programs

Summer@Farragut is a unique four week boarding experience for students entering grades 9-12 which includes living on campus and attending college-prep classes taught by Farragut teachers. Students are exposed to cultural diversity in a focused learning environment, which helps students become socially mature. June 29 - July 27, 2014



Tuition & Fees for Admiral Farragut Academy



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