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One year MBA programs are directed towards those students who have already acquired bachelors or a master’s degree and wish to compliment it further with specialized learning. Since it is a one year program, it has tight schedules and is geared towards maximum participation. As it is a full time course, it is not ideal for working professionals.

The duration of these programs is usually 11 to 16 months since it is only for a year and the program needs to squeeze in everything within the stipulated time. It is the lure of re-entering workforce faster that has caused a tremendous rise in the fast track MBA course.
Advantages of One Year MBA

USA has introduced these revolutionary one year programs recently as there are many advantages associated with this program;

-Helps to save considerable amount of time
-Specialized study
-Ideal for students who already have a degree, but wish to enhance it further
-Less tuition fee cost along with savings on transportation and room/ boarding
-Core requirements are narrowed down
-Customization through concentrations and electives made possible

There is a renewed interest in 1 year MBA programs since the value proposition is great with such programs. While the usual MBA enrollments have dipped, one year MBA programs are witnessing an influx of students. In the opinion of many students, the one year MBA allows for accelerated learning that round out the business skill set in them. Despite being a merely one year program, employers pay the same salary to them as they would to those doing 2 year MBA.
Intense and Competitive

The one year MBA programs are very tough as well as competitive and gaining admission to such programs is not an easy process. Students enrolling for these programs require exemplary academic record or extensive working experience. On an average, students opting for this kind of program usually have 3-5 years of work experience.

Upon finishing the core requirements, students are integrated into the traditional MBA classes thus giving them a chance to indulge in alumni networking. The only difference between 1 year MBA and traditional 2 year MBA is the lack of internship along with 10 required electives as opposed to 14 for traditional MBA students.

Top Colleges offering 1 year MBA

There are very few colleges offering one year MBA in the USA, however the scenario is rapidly changing as more business school are opening their doors to 1 year MBA programs. Here is a list of the colleges offering this program in the US:

-Northwestern College- Kellogg School of Management

The one year program at Kellogg let professionals bypass core classes so that attention can be given to advanced electives. In order to be able to join the core course, students must have gained a B, its equivalent or better grade in Finance, accounting, statistics, marketing, operations and economics during the undergraduate business education.


-Emory University- Goizueta Business School

The one year MBA at Emory University is divided into 3 semesters and begins in early May. In August, one year MBA students are merged with 2 year MBA students for the elective courses. In order to gain admission in the one year MBA program, candidates must have gained an undergraduate degree in economics, business or engineering. Furthermore, those students who are pursuing joint degrees in physical therapy, law or medicine or entrepreneurial ventures are well suited for this course.


-Cornell University- Johnson Graduate School of Management

Situated in Ithaca, NY, this one year MBA program is designed for working professionals with considerable experience along with those who have an advanced degree or certification. The program begins and ends in May and has a management practical that is real business project and lasts a semester. This gives hands-on training to the students.


-Boston University- School of Management

This management school offers an International 1 year MBA which helps students to embrace global thinking and readies them for the global markets.  Students begin the year by indulging in multi-cultural teamwork across Shanghai, Singapore and Beijing and finish the course at the Boston University in fall. This accelerated course exposes students to the global markets which is essential for every working professional.


-USC Marshall School of Business

The accelerated MBA program has an international appeal and is targeted towards professionals who are in their mid-careers. At an average, participants of this course are of 34-36 years of age, and have 10 of experience. The class strength is not more than 60 students and students hail from various industries. Apart from the course structures, students are also involved in a 4 ½ months long management consulting project, along with multiple international visits in order to expand their skill set and increase their global knowledge.


-University of Notre Dame-Mendoza College of Business

The program is targeted towards working professionals who wish to advance in their careers. In order to be able to gain admission here, students must have obtained an undergraduate degree in business or have relevant work experience. Furthermore, three credit hours of statistics and financial accounting are necessary.


- Babson College-Olin

The course at Babson is delivered through core module, electives and signature learning experiences which include projects and self-reflection. For admission in this course students require an undergraduate degree in economics or business. Alternatively a list of classes have been listed which if taken, students are eligible for the course. Even, extensive work experience with exposure to finance, accounting and logistics is considered for admission into the program.


-University of Florida

For professionals, dedicating two years for an MBA may seem difficult, thus the 1 year MBA at University of Florida is the right path for students to re-enter the job market with business expertise. The university has two options, Option A and Option B. Under Option A students do not require any business degree and is open to students hailing from different academic backgrounds while Option B is for students with business, finance and economic background.


-Thunderbird School of Global Management

Students will receive in-depth global education at the one year MBA program here. There is no internship and students learn directly through core curriculum and global study components. It is therefore ideal for those who wish to advance in their careers equipped with a business degree.


-University of Pittsburgh-Katz

This University prides in the fact that it is the first university in the world to offer one year MBA. The program begins in May and ends in April, thus offering an intense course that focuses on business management principles and let students re-enter the workforce sooner. Undergraduate degree and strong personal goals along with relevant work experience is required to be able to secure an admission here. In order to graduate from the program, students are required to finish minimum of 51 credits of curriculum work along with balanced core courses and elective courses.


These are some of the best business schools in the US offering 1 year MBA. By choosing to enroll in one of these business schools, you can greatly enhance your knowledge and re-enter your work-force in a much confident manner.

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