The concept of a liberal arts education is unique to the U.S. higher education system.

In the United States, undergraduate students attending a Liberal Arts college or a university begin by taking classes in the arts, humanities, social sciences, physical sciences, and languages regardless of their majors (chosen subject to specialize in)

What is ‘Credential Evaluation’ and who does It? Does it pertain to you at all? The answer is 'Yes' and that's why we think you should know about it. 


More and more U.S. colleges and universities are requiring that international students provide an official evaluation of their transcripts and degrees.


With the rising popularity of community colleges among international students in recent years, we thought it is important to take a closer look at these schools. 


Admission Requirements for North American Universities

Each college and university posts their unique admissions requirements on their own website. Here, we summarize the common requirements so you don’t have to search every individual college’s webpage yourself. 

Requirements for admission to most North American universities consist of very similar things: a high school diploma, a U.S. standardized test score, a test score showing your English language ability.

Important Visa Interview Questions

The following are some of the important questions that the consulate officer asks during the interview for the US student visa.


Why United States Of America?


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