Why Diploma in Culinary management?

After completing one year cooking course from Pakistan Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management (PITHM), I have been working as a cook in a private catering service for last two years. But I have realized that the current level of knowledge is not sufficient to have a successful career in this field.

There is a demand for good and qualified chefs, cooks and bakers not only in Pakistan but in the Middle East as well. Top hotels and restaurants prefer to hire foreign educated chefs/cooks. But there isn't any institute or college with the faculty of culinary arts to enhance my culinary knowledge and skills.

I have a degree in Law from one of the top universities of India and working in the capacity of Corporate and Commercial Lawyer in a Law Firm. Being from a business class family, I have always been intrigued towards the legal procedure involved in business as I have seen my family consulting lawyers for business issues.

Corporate Lawyers are hired to handle all legal aspects of business starting from commercial transactions to corporate mergers, Incorporation, acquisitions, amalgamations, due diligence etc. ..

The Visa officer,
Canadian High Commission,
New Delhi.

Sub: Application for my Study Permit

Study Plan mainly includes:

1.   Study background: the current research condition and level of the study subject at home and abroad
2.   The purpose of studying abroad, the anticipated objective, the plan, the method of implementation and the time needed
3.   The feasibility of attaining the anticipated objective (combining it with the professional technology and knowledge that you have mastered )
4.   The foreign country and the academic institution that you have chosen, and the reasons (please simply narrate the advantages and level of the academic institution abroad, and if there are cooperation foundations and contacts between your present institution and the institution abroad. If there is an offer, please add a copy )
5.   The study (working) plan in Vietnam after finishing the study abroad

It's a letter to VISA CONSULAR/OFFICER stating atleast answers of the following questions

  • Why do you wish to study in Canada in the program for which you have been accepted?
  • What is your overall educational goal?
  • Why are you not pursuing a similar program in your country of residence/citizenship?
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to chuc su kien, to chuc su kien

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